Here's a small selection of releases that I've produced. All of these records are co-written by me and most of them also mixed and mastered by me.

Jutty Ranx

My main project that we started with the singer Justin Taylor in 2012. The multi-platinum single "I See You" has been a worldwide success. New album discordia is out now!


I've worked with Margeaux a few years back when she was going as Margo. Really cool new eclectic Electronic Hip Hop stuff coming up fall 2016 on.


My new project with Kim Herold, who we did a project csalled Humane in 2004.

Jon Robert Hall

Jon Hall is a great singer and songwriter. Dabbling in the world of country music for the first time wih him and I think there's some really cool stuff coming up!

Pop productions

Here are a couple of examples of my pop productions/co-writes.

Other projects and productions

Here are a few fun other kind of projects I've had a chance to work on.

Beats and Styles

My introduction to music business. Producer project turned into a band that was active 2002-2009. Currently on a hiatus.

Beats and Styles production